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Inspection Services


See our Home, Building, Condo and Apartment Inspection Sservices Here:


  • Residential Home Inspections

  • Condominium Inspections

  • Commercial Inspections

  • Custom Inspections/Investigations

  • Rental/Lease Pre-Inspections

  • Services for Buyers, Owners, Sellers, Condo Associations and Landlords

  • Expert Witness and Legal Inspections

Share Your Pictures


An area for people to share their photos of inspection, home and defect related pictures.  Come visit, share and enjoy!

Tri Value Consultants / SPREI Home Inspection Library of Defects
Library of Defects


A sorted collection of Many of the defects and problems found during our Inspections over the decades.  Many are captioned with helpful information and guides to spotting these problems.

Tri Value Consultants / SPREI Publications
Our Publications


We have produced many Books, Booklets, Newsletters, and E-Books over the years.  

See this area for All of our books, Publications and Other Literature we have available for free and  for sale.


Read our MANY articles on homes, inspections and much more!  Our BLOG is packed full of illustrated articles and good information.

Expert Witness

We offer many varied Expert Witness inspections.  There are many reasons you might need an Expert Witness - See our Expert Witness page for more information:

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