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Expert witness Consultations
legal investigations


Our company provides expert witness testimony in a variety of legal cases.

We are court qualified in both federal courts and courts in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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We Have Successfully Worked For Attorneys And Their Clients In Cases Involving:

  • Subpar workmanship on residential - newly constructed properties.

  • Deficient workmanship on residential - renovation and repair work.

  • Faulty workmanship on both commercial - newly constructed and renovation work.

  • Home inspection litigation for sub-standard home inspections.

  • Lawsuits involving landlord - tenant litigation.

  • Lawsuits involving unsound deck construction and deck failures.

  • Lawsuits involving mold contamination.

  • Lawsuits involving termite activity and damage.

  • Lawsuits on defective workmanship on residential roofing.

  • Lawsuits regarding wet basements.

  • Lawsuits involving flawed workmanship on fiber-cement siding installation.

  • Lawsuits involving accident reconstruction cases - such as trip and fall injuries.


What We Do

As an expert witness we first sit down with our clients and/or their attorneys to discuss and understand the full scope of their issues and concerns.


At that time we will determine if there is a legitimate reason to move forward with the case.

If we feel that there is no merit to the case we will inform the clients as to our reasoning. However, if we determine that the case has substantial merit we will lay out our

inspection procedures.


Our inspection procedures start with a full documentation of the areas of issues and concerns.

Included with this documentation is an inclusive array of photographs illustrating our findings.

Where and if necessary a video will also be taken in order to reinforce our findings.


All of the material developed at the inspection location is then brought to our office where a diligent effort is made to provide a very detailed and comprehensive report based on our findings.


Where it may be warranted we also will interview and take statements from possible witnesses and/or consult with other experts and other professionals, as it relates to the specific case.



Our fees for expert witness work are very reasonable in comparison to the extent of work and effort involved in both documenting and researching a case and to providing court qualified expert witness testimony.


If you would like to discuss possibly hiring our firm, please feel free to contact me at: - or call me at: 781-334-3830



Who And What Is An Expert Witness?


An expert witness, particularly in common law countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States is a person by virtue of education, training, certification, skills or experience is accepted by a judge as an expert.


What Is The Importance Of An Expert Witness?


An expert witness is important in many cases since they help jurors understand complex and nuanced information. An expert witness provides a sense of objectivity and credibility and integrates with the legal team to enhance the strength of the case.


What Is The Purpose Of An Expert Witness?


The purpose of an expert witness is to give an opinion based on experience, knowledge and expertise. The overriding duty of the expert witness is to provide independent, impartial and unbiased evidence in a court of law.


What An Expert Witness Should Do And Should Not Do!


The following are just a few things that an expert witness should and should not do.


  • Always adhere to the “First Rule” – and that is to “Always Tell The Truth.”

    When an opposing attorney asks a question that the expert does not know it is always best to be honest and simply state, “ I don't know.”


  • Analyze All Documents

    An expert witness needs to carefully read and scrutinize all documentation, paperwork, contracts, as well as any photographs, drawings, graphs, etc., relating to the case.


  • Don't “Play Lawyer.”

    Do not try to second guess why the opposing attorney is asking a particular question or a series of questions. Getting distracted by trying to figure out why the question is being asked could result in making an error in the response.


  • Understand The Opposing Attorneys Questions

    The expert witness must pay attention and carefully listen to all questions of the opposing attorney in order to make a truthful response.


  • Always Think Before Answering Any Question Posed By The Opposing Attorney.

    An expert witness is trained to not just quickly respond to a question without first analyzing all of its implications.


  • Don't Argue With The Opposing Attorney.

    Opposing attorneys are often frustrated with the expert witness answers and will try to bully and upset the expert witness.

    An expert witness will stay above the opposing attorneys harassment and portray to the judge and the jury a calm and reasonable demeanor.


The following sample pictures are from lawsuits where we prevailed for our clients.  These are only a SMALL sample of the reports (Most reports have hundreds of pictures, illustrations, and descriptions).


The following pictures were taken at a residence where faulty fiber-cement siding was installed:

PAGE 18 Siding and Roof Investigative Inspection at 41 Jewett Street, Georgetown, Ma.  018
page 20 Siding and Roof Investigative Inspection at 41 Jewett Street, Georgetown, Ma.  018
PAGE 28 Siding and Roof Investigative Inspection at 41 Jewett Street, Georgetown, Ma.  018
PAGE 12 Siding and Roof Investigative Inspection at 41 Jewett Street, Georgetown, Ma.  018
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