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About Us

We are Home Inspectors each with 40+ years of experience.  Founded by Joseph V Scaduto in 1979 Tri-Value Consultants has been providing Home Inspections, Building Inspections, Educational Books, Seminars and Courses, and Newsletters covering ALL aspects of the Home Inspection Business.  We Inspect residential homes and 1-4 unit buildings throughout the state of Massachussetts, and comercial and 4+ unit buildings in more areas as well as in Mass.  

Residential Home Inspections


What we Do...

We fully inspect residential homes according to the Massachussetts Home Inspection Rules and Regulations.  Michael J. Scaduto has been inspecting homes for more than 40 years, and has developed a customized home inspection report that rivals any in the inspection industry.  Heating, Plumbing, Electrical, Siding, Framing, Attics, Crawlspaces, Foundations, Decks, Porches, Living Areas, Garages, Kitchens, and much more are inspected and reported on.  New construction, Older homes, Antique homes as well as "Flip" Houses all hare their unique typical issues - And our extensive experience with all such homes helps us to provide you with the best inspection information about the homes you have us inspect.
We also provide a variety of other inspection services - Including Litigation Investigatory work, Re-Inspection of buildings, Maintenance Inspections for home/building owners, and much more!

Where we Inspect...

Residential properties (Single family homes and residences in 1-4 unit buildings are considered Residential by the State of Massachussetts) are inspected in the State of MA.  Commercial properties and 4+ unit buildings are inspected in MA and other areas.


Typical Prices...

A typical size single family house inspection starts at $450 and condominiums can start at $400 (This can vary widely depending on the season and the size of the home/condo.  Custom Inspections and commercial property inspections vary in price (Call for info).  Apartment "Pre-Lease" Inspections can start as low as $350 - depending on the reporting desired and the amount of detail in the inspection - again - call for more info. 

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